geek schooling at hal-con

Geek Schooling at Hal-Con Sci-Fi Fantasy and Gaming Convention

Yes, you will see Geek Schooling at Hal-Con in Halifax this weekend! I am so excited to be speaking. Will you be there?

Join me on Friday at 9:15pm in room 501 for a talk on geek schooling. Learn how to stop fighting your geeky, obsessed child and start enjoying easy delight directed learning together based on their passions and fandoms (whether you homeschool or not). Feel free to bring your kids along.

You will learn:

That the geeky pursuits your child already engages in are educational

Even comic books and video games are educational – and I don’t mean only the ones that are created to be educational!

How you can harness your child’s geeky interests to enjoy learning

Sneak learning in using your child’s interests and yours – they may not even realize they’re learning, but they sure will enjoy it! And so will you.

How you can stop fighting your child’s obsessions and start having fun in your home and/or homeschool

You don’t have to nag them to stop playing video games and reading comic books. Let them enjoy!

Get ideas, start thinking outside the box, and have some fun with your children while they’re still young.

I will look something like this on Friday and Saturday, dressed as Princess Leia – I haven’t decided for sure what I’ll be cosplaying as on Sunday. I don’t think my daughter will be wearing her Rey cosplay this weekend, although that’s what she happens to be wearing here.

learning with star wars

In addition to being excited about speaking for geek schooling at Hal-Con this weekend, I’m super excited that I get to see Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)! And of course, dancing in the flash mob is a big highlight for us. If you’re going to Hal-Con what are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below!

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