Homeschool Digital Organization Pack


Get your homeschool year started on the right foot with the Homeschool Digital Organization Pack. Stop forgetting to use resources you already have. Get your homeschool resources and books organized with a detailed spreadsheet. Keep track of resources and courses you’ve bought to learn about homeschooling yourself. Get help planning your homeschool budget for the year. Plus, wrangle your messy desktop and get organized with some snazzy desktop wallpapers.

In this homeschool digital organization pack, you will receive the following downloadable files to help you get your homeschool year organized:

  • Homeschool Curriculum & Resources Organization List (Excel file) – Searchable, sortable spreadsheet so you don’t forget the little gems you have hiding on the computer or bookshelf again. Easily search by subject with one click to see what you still need.
  • Homeschool Teacher Resource List (Excel file) – Keep track of resources you’ve bought to learn as a homeschool teacher. Record whether you’ve read the book, completed the course, and how to access those courses.
  • My Homeschool Budget (Excel file) – Estimate your homeschool budget and if you’re doing a good job of keeping within it. Easily see where the bulk of your money is going in your homeschool with the included pie chart.
  • Four Desktop Organizing Wallpapers to choose from to keep your desktop tidy on your own computer as well as your child’s:
    • Homeschool Desktop Organizing Wallpaper (jpg file)
    • Homeschool Desktop Organizing Wallpaper for WAHMs (jpg file)
    • Student Desktop Organizing Wallpaper (jpg file)
    • Student Desktop Organizing Wallpaper – Blackboard (jpg file)


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